Radar Beep

Application to warn of speed cameras on the road , with a database of more than 20 countries and translated into multiple languages, it has been a success since its launch in 2013 and has already accumulated more than 600,000 downloads.

Radar Beep warns before arriving at the different types of existing radars , section, traffic light, possible mobile radars, while driving to your destination. It uses a widget that comes in the application itself and has a radar map with position and orientation. Additionally, it can be set to auto-start whenever it is paired with the vehicle’s Bluetooth and has built-in NFC for a magnetic sticker that can be attached to the vehicle.

It is one of the most personalized applications that we have developed to date, since it allows the user to choose all the notifications they want to receive, which radars from which countries can be downloaded, as well as choose the connection they want when starting the program, because the novelty of Radarbeep is that when connected to the car’s bluetooth, it automatically launches the map in the foreground or the application in the background if the user has configured it that way.



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