Software Development

We develop mobile applications and web platforms. Our main quality is on developing mobility software customized to our customer needs.

iPhone and iPad development in iOS8


Development of native applications for iPhone and iPad, one of the mobile devices most used with more than 500 millions sold worldwide since its launch. We have developed applications from the first iOS version to the current iOS8 and have expert knowledge of App Store as well as the guidelines of Apple and iTunes Connect.

Android app development


We develop native applications for Android, the worldwide leading platform with more than 1.000 million devices in the world and a share of more than 70% of the market. Our team has extensive experience in developing Android since its inception and dominates Google Play. Discover all the functionalities that Android 5.0 offers.

Windows Phone app development

Windows Phone

We develop for Windows Phone 8 completely native in C# or use frameworks as Xamarin. This platform is the third in importance and increasingly daily with more users worldwide. We develop for Windows since the release of Windows Phone 7, but we recommend developed for version 8.1 or higher.

Responsive design web development


Web design and develop with the latest trends such as Parallax and Responsive We optimize websites in HTML5 to fit the responsive design that requierela demand from mobile Internet traffic that exceeds 40% today. We master web programming technologies and SEO aspects.

CMS and CRM software development  src=


We develop custom CMS and CRM as well as we design web panels for management that are used in mobile app projects were user management is involved, . We master development technologies such as PHP, Java or Ruby on Rails for robust developments.

Mobile game development


The mobile games are the applications with the highest number of downloads and income in the markets. The success of these games is in daily use that give users to generate recurring income. We develop crossplatform games in 2D and 3D with Unity 3D license.

Customized mobile software development

Customized software

Customizaed mobile software development is our more important area of business. We create exclusive projects for every client being working on the development from zero at every project.

Corporate apps for companies

Corporate Apps

We develop corporate apps tailored to the particular needs of each company. Applications of management or apps to improve the corporate image of any company.

API development


Development of APIs for accessing the contents of our clients and access to third parties APIs with. We have an expert team in integrating social networking APIs.


We offer technological consultancy specialized in mobility, necessary prior to the development of any project.

Mobile consultancy

System Optimization

We optimize developed technological platforms, with special attention to all processes. We treat errors and control processes to improve product

Mobile apps code audit

Source code audit

Audit of source code for mobile applications developed by third parties, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and back-end. It's key when switching of company of mobile apps development.

Mobile apps system integration

Systems Integration

We integrate mobile applications in business management systems to exploit capabilities of mobile optimizing management with smartphones and tablets.

Cutting edge technology

We have a team highly specialized in forefront technologies as virtual reality, increased reality, NFC, smartwatches and Google Glass.

App development with augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Mobile augmented reality applications is one of our greatest assets and our experience in integrating beacons for bluetooth 4.0 for indoor positioning.

Apps for Oculus Rift

Virtual reality - Oculus

We develop applications integrating Virtual Reality based on Oculus Rift. We have access to this advanced technology.

App development for Google Glass

Google Glass

< Developing applications for Google Glass as we have experience with Glass Development Kit for real-time interaction and control of specific gestures of Glass.

Apps for wearables


Wearables are those devices that we are carrying and communicating with our smartphone. We develop integrated applications with different wearables of the market.

Big Data project development

Big Data

The large volumes of data information must be managed differently than conventional projects. We develop custom Big Data projects to process all this information in real time.

App development for smartwatches


Developing applications for Smartwatches, and Apple Watch, industry so recent that is fully available to innovate and start creating new applications.


Customized design of mobile applications and customized webs, we put special care in the design of the interface and the user experience (UI / UX).

UI and UX app design


We design mobile applications from scratch, innovating while respecting the design guidelines of Apple, Google and Microsoft. We take special care in designing the user interface and experience.

Corporate identity design in mobile apps

Corporate image

We create corporate designs based on your ideas, then we add them some ours and the result is an image of professional brand, powerful and adapted to you. Remember: Your logo is your brand, and your brand is you.

Mobile apps prototype

Interactive prototyping

We use last generation resources to prototype mobile applications and observe both the interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) before they even scheduled.


Qode is a specialized company in mobile application promotion and SEO / SEM campaigns. We carry the Community Management, necessary to get app downloads.

Mobile app promotion with social management

Social Management

Community Management Team to promote apps and give the best complement to our projects. We believe in communication and action plans on major social networks.

SEO and SEM web promotion


We develop SEO / SEM strategies for best results, to increase visibility and organic traffic for appear in top positions in search engines.

ASO for app promotion

App Promotion

Our dedicated team will help in the process of promotion optimizing your mobile app to get appear first in search results in Places Market and achieve downloads.


We work around the world:

- Barcelona
- Madrid
- Zaragoza
- Málaga
- Valencia
United States
Arab Emirates


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