We have a development team with over 5 years experience in developing native applications for Android and Android tablets. Our app development team for Android smartphones has a solid experience programming native applications for this operating system.

We manage your project holistically unitl Google Play publication or alternative markets available as Samsung Apps or Amazon. In Qode we advise for obtaining the best graphic design for both mobile user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), optimizing the development for different terminals, both tablets and smartphones. Integration of native features and technologies such as augmented reality or beacons for localization in indoor geolocation and push notifications for Android.

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Our developments are mostly native Android Java development for applications of the highest quality and speed of response.

The first Android version released in September 2008, just a year after the launch of the first iPhone. Since then it has evolved greatly to the current version, Android 5 Lollipop, launched in the first quarter of 2015. Since its launch, Android has become the platform with largest market share in the world by far over the others: more than 80% market share as of December 2014, thanks to so open ecosystem that is.
In early 2015, Google Play, the official distribution platform Android apps, has more than 700,000 applications and games between the free and paid versions as well as tens of thousands of registered developers.
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