CMS and CRM software development


Qode backend programming team is expert in developing content management systems (CMS) and CRMs in technologies such as NodeJS, Java, PHP, and Ruby.

A custom CMS allows our customers to generate content in their applications or websites and query data or statistics generated by applications, ie to carry a complete management of your project. We develop custom CRMs for your company, completely from scratch to suit any operational need you have.

The CMS or content management systems we develop are web-based software systems, offering users the ability to manage documents and content. Our systems store the content in the cloud, and show users through web or mobile applications, connecting the front with the database. We also implement solutions for large amounts of data with the server caching improves performance and functions properly when the content of the CMS is not updated with high frequency. For the development of CMS, usually 2 engineers, one is required to develop the database and backend and other specialized web to develop the frontend, and one of the great advantages of CMS is that the maintenance of information can be made by anyone not technical.
As for CRM, which are tools for managing customers, we also implemented cloud-based solutions, whether custom development or systems based CRM Salesforce Opensource type.

We also develope E-Commerce with Prestashop and Wordpress and prepare the content manager thereof so that they are available for sale only deploy product.


We work around the world:

- Barcelona
- Madrid
- Zaragoza
- Málaga
- Valencia
United States
Arab Emirates


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