Qode is a company that develops mobile games in 2D and 3D for advertising or commercial projects to be launched in the markets of applications.

We use the most powerful engines like Unreal and Unity 3D or experience in adapting flash games from web development and other platforms and also develop mobile games with the Phaser motor. We have developed custom games both Phaser Unity 3D as the first, were some interactive stories for Tablets that have had a big hit with young audiences to which they are directed. The second is the game Emotiboom 2D game for Android and iPhone with thousands of downloads and aims to distribute prizes to the top of the rankings of each month.

Ask for your budget

Give your game for smartphones the latest native functionality and integration of virtual shops for item selling in Google Play and App Store. We can realize your game to enjoy on any mobile device.

Mobile gaming is one of the developments that more revenue can be generated, whether developed by large companies such as Supercell, who had in 2014 more than 800 million of revenues or viral success of Flappy Bird, a free game that generated $ 50,000 day and that if he had not withdrawn it could have generated 18 million euros a year. This shows that any game can yield big revenue regardless of the resources you have to generate it.