Given the importance of SEO in Qode identify appropriate keywords and create and develop the best SEO strategies to optimize and position your brand in major search engines like Google or Bing. We track strategy and a competitive analysis and metrics of results.

We also conduct SEM campaigns in major search engines to reach your potential customers. We help you design the best online marketing campaign for your company through the insertion of sponsored to ensure the display of your site in the top results and ensure your brand ROI links.

Creation, management, monetization, monitoring and performance metrics

To establish a company within a specific market, it will not only be enough for it to start its activities and wait for customers to arrive on their own.

In addition to the physical presence, the company must also be noticed in the virtual sphere by placing its website among the first places on the results page of the main search engines, in order to promote the increase in visitor traffic, as well as the number of potential customers interested in purchasing your products and services.

Ask for your budget

For this, it will be necessary to apply a set of procedures framed within the SEO/SEM strategies, which will help to optimize the presentation of the information on your company's website, in order to make it suitable for being found by those users who are interested in the products or services you offer.

This is where Qode comes into action by making available to your company the SEO/SEM positioning service which will not only help the website to become visible organically in Google or Bing results, but also in campaigns promoted within those. same search engines to boost leads.

In the field of SEO strategies, Qode has a team that will be in charge of identifying the keywords for your business and then, based on these, set the actions to follow to optimize and position your brand in the main search engines.

With regard to SEM Qode strategies, it monitors the outlined strategy, as well as an analysis of the competition and metrics of the results. So Qode also launches SEM campaigns in the main search engines to reach your potential customers.

Through the insertion of sponsored links on your company's website as part of the online marketing campaign, Qode guarantees that it obtains the necessary visibility to reach the first results within the search engines and thereby guarantee the ROI of your brand.

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