How to know if your company needs an app

How to know if your company needs an app?

For all is an open secret that mobile applications are the trend of the moment. Everyday  we can see how the mass-media teach us cases of applications that are a resounding success. This new form of marketing has been raised the doubt in many businesses of whether they really need an app. In today’s post we will help you find out if your business needs a mobile app.

In Spain, the smartphone penetration already reaches 80% according to the IAB Mobile Marketing annual survey 2013. But that’s not all, nearly 71% of smartphone users do not leave home without it and of these, 88% accessed several times daily. Focusing on applications, we can separate these data:

  • We install around 22 applications on average
  • In one day, it’s possible to download 4 million applications  in all
  • There are about 24 applications per smartphone

Among the many applications that exist, the most succeed are multiplatform communication applications, emails and social networks and secondly mobile games and tablets.

Considering all these data, it is not surprising that many people want to have a presence on an ever wider market with so many future prospects.

Based on application requests we receive and end of project realization, entrepreneurs who apply and see the need to develop applications and mobile games are, in the first place, advertising agencies who are clients that have a clear idea of what they want and they know the profitability and corporate image benefits they can get if their idea is carried out correctly.

Entrepreneurs are other type of customers that if they have a business idea that revolves around a mobile application they won’t have any choice as to carry it out or leave the project aside. Today, this type of customer is very common. They see in this market a viable way to achieve profitability and large number of users.

In relation with other companies that make the decision to develop an app, according to their objectives, we can find growth companies that looking to expand their customer base through the app; companies seeking to improve their business or enhance customer loyalty; companies that want to modernize their corporate image and use the app as a work tool; or companies seeking to optimize business management systems.If you want to know how much it costs an app approximately depending on the type of app that you want, click here.

If you do not belong to any of these categories it is likely to, al least for now, you do not need an app for your business. Otherwise,  if you belong to any of categories and have an app idea you can contact us, we will advise you about the project you have in mind.

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